18. April 2022., 11:42 / Author: Nearian

Education in the Web3 Realm

NEAR Balkans has worked with the foundation to bring the benefits of NEAR learning to your doorstep. Here is how

In a world where jobs are being automated by the second, fluid education and constant learning are the most important assets. 

Since its inception in 2020, the NEAR Foundation has considered education as one of the pillars on top of which it aims to build a community of web3 experts on the protocol. As such, the foundation launched NEAR University. 

NEAR University

The NEAR Education team is constructing a diverse and vivid ecosystem in order to increase the accessibility of web3 to include individuals of all backgrounds. 

From lightweight, minute-long tutorials to the fully-fledged certification programs offered by NEAR University, a diverse range of expanding, community-led educational content illuminates the wonders of decentralization in a way that has never been more accessible. To help make mass adoption of Web3 a reality, the NEAR Education team is launching a unique and exciting initiative to onboard 1,000 teachers from all backgrounds and disciplines. Through both self-paced and instructor-led online courses, workshops, and fellowships, this army of educators will learn the ins and outs of blockchain technology and will, in turn, pass that knowledge on to others.

NEAR Education program is divided into 4 different structures to help you choose the most suitable learning path: 

  • Certification Programs: Experts in web development, entrepreneurship, and other fields will help you boost your career through acclaimed certifications.
  • Self-Paced Courses: Learn how to build on NEAR according to your own pace and schedule.
  • Partner Courses: Delivering state-of-the-art learning through NEAR Education Partners.
  • Community Courses: Community-led and designed courses to offer you a decentralized, optimal learning experience.

NEAR University is by far the most comprehensive and acclaimed educational program in the web3 realm. NEAR certified graduates have an easy path to starting their professional careers, either by finding a job, or most prominently, by building their own projects on the NEAR protocol. 

The Program offers a wide variety of certifications that can be outlined as the following: NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR certified Developer, NEAR Certified instructor, and NEAR Certified entrepreneur.

NEAR will launch the following certification programs soon: NEAR Certified Designer, NEAR Certified Architect, NEAR Certified Developer II, and NEAR Certified Security Specialist. 

The difficulty of these certifications ranges from beginner to expert, thus allowing you to work your way through from a mere noobie to a master. Through this intensive educational program, NEAR’s aim is to build a holistic community of enthusiasts and experts who will join it in its mission to build the open web. 

For more on NEAR University, visit: https://www.near.university/learn/with-our-team

NEAR Academy

If you prefer free, interactive, and hands-on learning, NEAR Academy provides you with the tools to create and deploy your first smart contract on the protocol

Structured in 8 chapters, NEAR Academy is an interactive course for web developers looking to explore blockchain integration with their Dapps whilst adding the GameFi element enabling you to get bounties while learning. Adding the cherry on top, NEAR Academy offers a shareable, free certificate of completion.

Start now: https://near.academy

Learn NEAR in Minute, a community initiative 

NEAR in Minutes is a NEAR-COOP (NEAR Community Owned and Operated Project) where different complex concepts of the NEAR protocol are explained and simplified in a few minutes. If you want to learn in a community-led environment, this project might be the place to go. 

Learning in the Balkans

NEAR Balkans has worked with the foundation to bring the benefits of NEAR learning to your doorstep. Through educational sessions, tech workshops, and a plethora of other opportunities, we will help you boost your career and land your first job in the metaverse. 

For instance, NEAR Balkans is organizing a tech workshop for Master 4.0 students in Belgrade in which they will get a hands-on learning experience by deploying their first smart contract on the NEAR protocol. 

The NEAR Balkans team has created a special Discord channel for you to be constantly updated on the upcoming opportunities. 

So hop on and stay in the loop.