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The NEAR Express arrives in Split

The NEAR Foundation, Gold Sponsor of BlockSplit3, will lead the conference with a dynamic booth and an interactive meetup

Monday, May 23rd will mark a significant milestone in the evolution of the Web3 industry in the Balkans region as the ancient Roman city of Split, Croatia, hosts the coming of the blockchain Armada, equipped with its full arsenal of big players in the industry such as the NEAR and Ethereum foundations. 

For three consecutive days, attendees will enjoy a holistic blockchain experience featuring non-technical and technical workshops, talks, discussions, and a networking opportunity to improve their presence within the local and international Web3 communities. 

Aware of this conference’s immense potential and impact on the blockchain scene in the region, the NEAR Foundation has taken the lead on the project as the gold sponsor of the event.

The NEAR foundation, with its local representative body, NEAR Balkans Hub, will actively participate in the conference through many activities, including a dynamic conference booth featuring both NEAR and NEAR Balkans representatives and a conference side event in the form of a NEARby meetup with the community. 

The NEAR Conference Booth

The NEAR booth will be situated at the center of the venue’s floor and will feature a range of activities that aim to connect the participants with the representatives and the foundation. The booth will also serve as an engagement and networking point where the enthusiastic blockchain community will be introduced to the team behind the marvel of NEAR and discover the NEAR protocol and its ecosystem, including Dapps and success stories from the Balkans. NEAR drop stickers will be provided for those interested in creating their own NEAR wallet. 

A 12-question fast quiz on NEAR will offer participants the chance to win NEAR merch and a NEAR special drop. So come by our booth and get your prize! 

The Split NEARby Meetup

The meetup will take place at Plan B pub, a well-known local meetup space close to the main conference venue, at 6:30 pm on Monday, May 23rd, after the first day of BlockSplit workshops. The event will feature a brief introduction to the NEAR ecosystem and the opportunities for its lively community in the Balkans and a NEAR tech landscape overview, providing insights for entrepreneurs and attendees interested in building on the protocol. 

A panel discussion around the potential that NEAR brings to the Web3 scene in the Balkans will then take place in the presence of two success stories from the region, ElectroCoin and Endemic. 

Attendees will be invited to a Web3 & chill party and drinks, feeling the true fun spirit of the blockchain community. 

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BlockSplit 3 will prove to be a one-of-a-kind event that will shift our perception of Web3 and what it represents for the business industry in the Balkans. 

The NEAR foundation is committed to contributing to the success of such a remarkable event through the dynamic presence of its team and resources. 

Visit BlockSplit 3 and join us on the journey to build a new entrepreneurial scene in the Balkans. 

See you on the other side! 

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