28. July 2022., 08:55 / Author: Nearian

Tech landscape: A Balkans perspective

The Balkans Web3 ecosystem continues to grow exponentially through DeFi solutions, NFT marketplaces, and art collections.

The Web3 ecosystem in the Balkans has exponentially evolved over the last five years, adapting the local startup environment to the change in the global landscape following the emergence of blockchain technology. As such, the region attracted a great number of protocols and foundations who were enchanted by the impressive and diverse talent pool as well as the rising wave of innovative ideas. 

The NEAR Foundation is one of the region’s early explorers, integrating the Web3 environment through a regional hub, and building customized educational and entrepreneurial programs for its community in the Balkans. Additionally, NEAR has been supporting projects in the region that align with its mission to expand Web3 to a billion users. Introducing the shining stars of the Balkans who are redefining the local Web3 scene through impactful projects on the NEAR Protocol:  

Starry Night

Starry Night is a 1/1 generative art piece NFT collection on the Paras Marketplace built on the NEAR Protocol. “Isn’t life a vortex of destinies?” is the question behind the collection’s inception, highlighting the use of masterfully aesthetic lines and curves that smoothly move in harmony to form a vortex. Starry Night is the artist’s latest and most advanced generative algorithm to date and is owned by 427 wallets. It’s technically a Java-based, continuously optimized code written in Processing.


Electrocoin translates brokerage services into the Web3 realm by facilitating crypto exchange as well as crypto payments for institutions and merchants; its two main products are: 

  • Bitcoin-mjenjacnica, a crypto exchange with a user-friendly design and more than 350 cryptocurrencies hosted on the platform.
  • Paycek: Facilitating crypto payment processing in order to accelerate mass adoption and help merchants capitalize on their crypto earnings.


Endemic creates an interactive Web3 art gallery where seasoned collectors can view curated artworks by well-known artists. The platform allows users to interact with artists through blogging, likes, and comments. Endemic is building towards a truly decentralized NFT marketplace where artists can connect directly with their audiences and protect their creations through proof of originality. 

The NEAR Foundation, as well as its Balkans representative, NEAR Balkans Hub, will continue to build a support system for innovators and builders in the regional Web3 ecosystem through grants and numerous other activities to be announced soon.

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