Ready To Become A Web3 Rockstar?

Applications for the NEAR Balkans Summership Program 2022 are closed!

Stay tuned for the next round of the program.

NEAR Balkans Summership is an internship program launched by NEAR Balkans Hub aiming to support ambitious people ready to join Web3 world & empower Balkans tech industry - just like yourself!

You will be working with an international team of NEAR enthusiasts, making an impact on Web3 in different local realities. You will be working remotely, enjoying flexible working hours and a monthly stipend. Luckily, you will stay as a team member ????

During the 15 weeks of the Internship program, you will be working closely with global & Balkans’ blockchain leaders and web3 professionals, gaining knowledge, skills, but also take part in organizing the biggest regional hackathon and many meetups.


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NEAR Balkans Summership was created with the goal of providing you with the opportunity to gain Web3 knowledge and experience that will guide your Web3 career while also providing you with the opportunity to grow with like-minded individuals from the Balkan region.

This year's Summership will be focused on growing the WEB 3 industry, and will last from June 1, to September 18, 2022. During 15 weeks of practice, you will have access to an arsenal of Web3 and NEAR protocol education programs, workshops, and certifications, as well as mentorship spaces for specific fields of your interest, helping you hone your skills and gain relevant Web3 experience.

You will be working with an international team of NEAR enthusiasts, making an impact on Web3 in different local realities. You will be working remotely, enjoying flexible working hours and a monthly stipend. The internship will offer you many networking opportunities and meetings with our partners to discuss professional development as well as get to know the different parts of the company.

The program aims to help you find your career path and role within our team, and who knows, maybe in the following years, you will be one of our mentors for your Web3 role for the next young internship generation.


Our first priority is to make sure that you will have a strong support system provided by us during the program, so we have prepared educational sessions, workshops and mentorship spaces waiting for your arrival, to make you ready to rock the Web3 business area. Besides learning spaces, we created tasks and activities for your Web3 Local Ambassador role, that will introduce you to daily activities and challenges in this area, but also give you ownership to make your first real-life impacts on the community, real results, real personal and team achievements.

You will have internship stipend, flexible working hours and be able to experience the joy of working from home, but also get an experience of working in an international team, meeting plenty of new creative people, true admirers of the Web3 world. You will be NEAR certified, and get a clear understanding of the blockchain protocol itself, both from business and development side, but also we want to make sure that you will choose a Web3 business role for yourself during the program and coach you on your path to start your full time career after the internship with us!

If you are above 18, from Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Slovenia or North Macedonia, intrigued by Web3, want to learn more and start your career within it, this can be the perfect program for you!

It’s important that you are fluent in English and it allows you to communicate, learn and work easily.

It’s a must for us that you have high respect for cultural and nationality differences, and that you are a team player.

Also, we seek dedicated, proactive and creative young people with good communication skills, who learn fast and are ready to explore and test different things, who nurture passion for an impact on communities and have a ‘go-getter’ attitude.

Don’t worry if you don’t have previous experience, but an NGO, student organization, marketing or Web3 project experience can be a plus, and we would also like if you have a basic understanding of marketing.

7 of you will be accepted as Web3 Ambassador Interns. Our aim is to have one Intern per country (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Slovenia or North Macedonia).

Yes, it is, you will have a monthly stipend.

Apply by submitting your CV and a short (up to 5 min) video answering the following questions:
- What motivates you to apply for NEAR Balkans Summerhsip?
- Are you familiar with blockchain technology/web3? (Don't worry if you are not, it's perfectly fine - just tell us why you would love to learn more about #web3).

After you send us your CV and video, we will have 2 interviews. We are so excited to meet you, so don’t feel any pressure, it’s important to be authentic and honest.

We don’t expect you to have significant Web3 knowledge or experience, we are more interested in your personality, values, attitude, passion to be a part of the local Web3 impact, as well as your willingness to learn and contribute.

Since your intern role will be Web3 Local Ambassador, besides educational and mentorship parts of the program, your work will be centered around raising awareness about NEAR protocol advantages and supporting the development of the local community to engage and start building on it, thus facilitating the transition of Web2 audience to Web3.

You will have the opportunity to work closely on many many NEAR Balkans marketing activities, event planning (such as hackathons, meetups and educations), business development and product marketing activities, as well as to communicate & engage with the local community.

Some of the activities will apply to the whole intern team, but it is important to note that many of your individual task assignments will depend on your personal skills and career interests, so once we define it together, we want to nurture your interests and skills according to it. You will also have insight in other different projects and have an impact on them as well.

Absolutely! We are planning to keep all of you in our team in the future, if we match from both sides of course!