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Summership Program: Interns in the spotlight

NEAR Balkans Hub talented Summership interns tackle the world of Web3

Summership Journey

The NEAR Balkans Hub kicked off the Summership program on the 10th of June, laying the bedrock for a new conception of summer internships that combines guided learning with practical working experience on real-world NEAR use cases. The selection process was extremely competitive and curated seven of the finest talents from the Balkans region who will go through a 15-week program of intensive learning and collaboration with industry experts as well as team-building activities and fun hangouts. 

NEAR Balkans Hub is glad to introduce the new team members and offer them the needed spotlight to get more exposure in the region’s Web3 ecosystem: 

Juraj Podgajski

Juraj is a 29-year-old professional from Zagreb, Croatia, with valuable experience in Android and Web development with an acute interest in Gaming and Digital Art. 

Luka Nikaljević

Luka is an IT professional from Podgorica, Montenegro with experience in the industry. Luka is eager to help accelerate the global transition to Web3.

Filip Brzica

Filip is an electrical engineering and IT student from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Filip has been a crypto and blockchain enthusiast for more than two years and is now ready to start educating the world about Web3. 

Nikolay Dimov

Nikolay is a 23-year-old law student from Bulgaria with a special interest in Blockchain and Web3 and its legal framework. 

Anuša Kovačič

Anuša is an event organizer and hospitality professional from Slovenia with a special interest in the processes of digitizing physical products into the virtual world. 

Hristijan Volkanovski

Hristijan is a 24-year-old professional from Macedonia, dedicated to strengthening the Macedonian startup ecosystem and helping startups in the country grow as fast as possible.

Ada Lalić

Ada is a Business Management professional from Serbia, specializing in Digital Marketing. Ada is utilizing her passion for social media to help Serbian businesses catch up with global trends. 

We interviewed the interns with the intent to give you a bit of background on them, to hear their thoughts and perspective on Web3 and their outlook and expectations from the Summership program.

Q: How did you get into Web3?

Juraj: Slowly but surely. First by word-of-mouth and internet forums. Lately by dipping my toes and actually trying to use all the different apps and services like exchanges, marketplaces, and video games. In the beginning, I was a skeptic, but by now it’s pretty evident that Web3 is here to stay and I would rather be a part of it than allow it to pass by.

Ada: I am in constant search of how to keep up with global trends, and see how the global marketing community is changing. Web3 is the biggest innovation in also reshaping marketing and all of its processes on different scales. My idea was to enter Web3 and explore it in the stage it is currently in – the development stage.

Q: How do you think decentralizing businesses and services will benefit the users?

Luka: Users will own their own data and be able to control it as they please. The risk of system failure is much less likely to happen with decentralization. Additionally, users will have far greater privacy through blockchain.

Nikolay: Ownership for Web3 means that the builders, operators, and users of a platform own a piece of what they are using. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the earliest examples. I think Web3 can guarantee both sides’ transparency, which leads to improved regulation compliance, security, and accountability.

Hristijan: Decentralization solves trust issues by empowering multiple participants to manage a network. Users don’t have to trust a central authority, and protocols are designed to prevent bad behavior.

Q: Describe what Web3 means to you in 5 words or less.

Ada: Innovation, future, control, safety, opportunities

Nikolay: Identity layer of the Internet

Q: How do you think NEAR is different from other Layer 1 Protocols/ Blockchain Foundations?

Juraj: I love the fact that NEAR is focused on the end-user experience and aims to simplify usage as much as possible. In order to enable mass adoption of the new technology, I think it is critical to make the Web3 experience as frictionless as possible.

Anuša: NEAR focuses on building communities, gives certifications, and funds new ideas and people who build in Web3.

Filip: NEAR does something that people will start appreciating once Web3 mass adoption starts. They are putting people in the first place! They work hard on delivering a simple, user-friendly experience for even those with zero experience.

Q: What are your expectations from the Summership program?

Luka: Learn, learn, and learn. Meet as many Web3 enthusiasts as possible, and hopefully kickstart my Web3 career with everything I learn.

Hristijan: Gaining new acquaintances and skills, and starting my own project in the world of Web3. It’s an opportunity to learn a lot so that I can convey to many people who deal with the same issues.

Ada: My expectations are to learn about Web3 and blockchain but also to discover the NEAR ecosystem, and understand the way NEAR is functioning and what it offers to users.

Q: Motto/Quote? What motivates you?

Luka: Just keep swimming. Be persistent and keep an open mind. The unknown is what motivates me, the potential of the world we are yet to discover.

Anuša: “By changing nothing, nothing changes.” —Tony Robbins

So, now you’ve got a chance to meet our Web3 rockstars just a little bit more! We are genuinely excited to have this kind of smart, motivated team of newcomers under our wing. This is just one of the many efforts in bringing Web3 closer to everyone and powering mass adoption in the Balkans, and the world.

In the upcoming period, we will continue building strong bonds and opportunities through diverse activities such as education workshops, AMAs, meetups, and community activations for a wide range of audiences and stakeholders in the Balkan region. 

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