12. July 2022., 07:38 / Author: Nearian

NEAR’s Crypto Wallet of the Future

From human-readable account names to simplified staking, NEAR is transforming your Web3 experience

The NEAR protocol is emerging as the main contestant of Ethereum on the Web3 scene. With user-friendliness, infinite scalability and inexpensive gas fees, NEAR is already one of the leading blockchain protocols.

That’s why there’s a perfect wallet for all of us in the community to store and stake our $NEAR tokens as well as connect with NEAR’s ever-expanding ecosystem of Dapps – the NEAR Wallet!

Redefining Wallets

The NEAR team continues to center its products and services around the users of Web3. NEAR developers have built a convenient, user-friendly wallet that has simplified the experience of trading, staking, and interacting with Dapps and transformed it into a human experience that welcomes rather than repels non-blockchain natives. The NEAR tokens and NEP21 tokens are the pillars stored as standards supported by the NEAR Protocol. They are used as a medium of exchange in every interaction with the NEAR Dapps. 

Setting up your wallet on NEAR is easy and provides access to unparalleled features and a new Web3 experience!

A human experience

NEAR has redefined the wallet experience by adopting a user-centric approach. For instance, NEAR Wallet is one of the first in the Web3 space to utilize human-readable account names. By swapping long, unmemorable hashes that a primitive blockchain address consists of with combinations of letters and numbers the users can choose, similar to a blockchain username, allowing everyone to feel comfortable in the Web3 sphere. Furthermore, NEAR Wallet is ahead of the competition in using e-mail verification for account creation. It should be noted that while this method can be convenient, it is not the level of security that ledger verification and seed phrase offer, which are also available on the NEAR wallet. 

Staking simplified

The NEAR team has made substantial efforts to democratize the process by simplifying both the concept behind it and its execution. Staking is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through a handful of simple steps. Moreover, community members can stake with the validator of their choosing. Unstaking is an equally simple task and takes less than 48 hours to be executed. Additionally, Near wallet offers the option to access Total Amount Staked, Unclaimed rewards, Tokens for Withdrawal, Tokens pending release, and Validator release. 

One-click ride to the ecosystem

NEAR’s state-of-the-art technology has attracted a diverse ecosystem of decentralized applications from different disciplines such as DAOs, NFT Marketplaces, and Defi exchanges. Through the NEAR Wallet and AwesomeNear you can navigate through the Dapps universe and interact with them in an easy one-click process. Awesome, right? 

The NEAR ecosystem is on an exponential rise to becoming a dominant player on the Web3 stage both in terms of technology through its industry-leading sharding mechanism and global reach through its expanding regional hubs. It has become more evident that the NEAR community is a dynamic beehive of vibrant innovative leaders constantly disrupting legacy systems. 

Get your NEAR wallet and start your NEAR journey right now!

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