29. March 2023., 16:16 / Author: Nearian

NEAR is the ‘BOS’

Illia Polosukhin announcing NEAR is the 'BOS' on NEAR Day at ETHDenver

A leap into the future

NEAR Protocol recently hosted a mini-summit at ETHDenver on March 2, 2023. The one-day event was held on the main stage during the ETHDenver festival and was attended by builderscreatorsentrepreneurs, and Web3 enthusiasts. The purpose of the summit was to showcase the latest protocol and technological advancements from the NEAR Ecosystem.

During the summit, BUIDLers demonstrated their latest improvements and use casesthat they can offer in the Web3 world. However, one particular announcement stood out from the rest — NEAR is becoming a Blockchain Operating System (BOS).

The BOS is a product-first operating system that enables developers to build into it and allows users to interact with it as a single platform. This revolutionary platform will enable users to browse and discover Web3 products such as exchanges, NFT galleries, social networks, and more.

The co-founder of NEAR Protocol, Illia Polosukhin explained the ultimate goal of this massive step as a way to offer a framework that is compatible with all blockchains, and NEAR will act as a common starting place. NEAR is confident that the BOS will play a crucial role in the Web3 ecosystem, offering a seamless experience for both developers and users.

NEAR’s innovative approach to blockchain technology has set it apart in the rapidly evolving Web3 space. The BOS is an exciting development that has the potential to transform the way we interact with Web3 products and services.

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