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NEAR Balkans on the rise

April 2022: From meetups to podcasts to international summits, the Hub grew its activities exponentially

The month of April has been one incredible ride for NEAR and NEAR Balkans. From meetups to podcasts to international summits, the hub grew its activities exponentially to bring the true NEAR experience to the Balkans. So let’s dive in and explore what April has in store. 

Near Balkans Hub Official Launch

The launch of NEAR’s first representative entity in the Balkans region received a warm welcome from community members in the region as well as both local and international media coverage. Local media such as Netokracija have expressed their excitement about the economic prospect of having one of the major blockchain foundations construct a local hub specially dedicated to the community of entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts in the Balkans. Ida Pandur, General Manager of NEAR Balkans, further elucidated to The Recursive the magnitude of change that the hub could bring to the region: “NEAR Balkans will guide and help companies in the region develop projects and easily apply for fast grants and other types of funding. Some of the first collaborations in the region include companies such as Electrocoin and CircuitMess.

In this context, Ida was hosted on two podcasts to talk about the NEAR Balkans Hub and its role in facilitating the transition from Web2 to Web3. The first podcast, held on Thursday, April 21st, was hosted by writer and editor Ivan Brezek. Ida discussed the switch from Web2 to Web3 and the way to do it through NEAR Balkans for people who were curious about the transition.

The second podcast revolved around the question of fundraising for startups and featured a discussion between Ida and Stevica Kuharski, Principal of U fil rouge CapitalU, to give attending students more insights on how to attract investment for their projects and how a move to Web3 can facilitate that. 

NEARby Meetups

The NEAR Balkans hub organized two meetups this month to further connect and introduce its opportunities to the community. The first meetup was held in Belgrade, Serbia on the 2nd of April in collaboration with the Master’s students of FON faculty in Belgrade. NEAR Balkans representatives first introduced the foundation and its ecosystem to the participants and then left the floor to developers, who guided the students through the process of deploying smart contracts on NEAR. 

The second meetup was organized in collaboration with the students of the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, Croatia on the 26th of April. Around 25 students actively participated in the discussions on the current state of Web3, as well as the opportunities that NEAR Balkans offers to enthusiasts working on the transition from Web2 to Web3. 

StartIT UP Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

This #meetup was epic! We had some great conversations at the #StartItUp meetup, and were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm of the students to know more about #web3 and startup funding!

The Paris Blockchain Week Summit

The NEAR Balkans Hub actively participated in the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, represented by its General Manager, Ida Pandur, who used this opportunity to spread the word about the mission and vision of NEAR Balkans and the opportunities that it offers for the Blockchain and NEAR community in the region.

NEAR Balkans has also seen rapid growth in its social media channels as the blockchain community in the region is becoming more excited about the project and its opportunities. 

It is, as such, the perfect time to announce that the NEAR Balkans Website is finally live. Community members can now access meetups, updates, and opportunities, as well as register for certifications, grants, and so much more. 

AMAs, meetups, community events, and a lot more are coming up soon for the NEAR Balkans Hub as we get ready to board the ship to the metaverse!

Stay in the loop!

NEAR Balkans is now on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Updates, event invitations, and much more will be announced on these channels, so hop on to stay in the loop!

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