20. May 2022., 15:36 / Author: Nearian

NEAR Balkans hub Summership Program is open

The Twitter Space AMA to answer the public’s questions about the program

NEAR Balkans has followed the launch of its 4-month-long summership program with an AMA on the hub’s Twitter space on Tuesday, May 16th, 2022. 

Many interested Web3 enthusiasts and professionals attended the session, and the recording of the session has already surpassed 100 plays. The NEAR Ambassador hosting the event emphasized NEAR Balkans’ aim to create a strong community in the Balkans and make events and activities such as Hackathons a successful endeavor. A short introduction to the NEAR protocol and the NEAR Balkans Hub project followed. The speakers encouraged the interested participants to send their inquiries directly to the NEAR Balkans hub DMs.

The process of application

Candidates can find the summership application by visiting the NEAR Balkans website. The program will last four months, from the 1st of June to the 18th of September, 2022. 7 interns will be admitted, one per each country in the Balkans: Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia&Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, and Serbia. Attendants are encouraged to apply, as even if they are not chosen for the internship, other opportunities can arise for which they can be considered. 

The perks of the program 

The host company will provide the following benefits to the accepted interns: 

  • Web3, blockchain, and NEAR education
  • NEAR Certifications
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Learning spaces in many fields such as marketing and business development in Web3
  • A customized plan will be provided to fit their interests
  • Post-internship employment opportunities
  • Fully remote work 
  • Flexible working hours
  • Stipend: 1000 euros for 4 months


The timeline of the program will be the following:

  • The first three weeks: Education and Certification
  • The fourth week: Defining individual career interests and final role in the team
  • Fifth to the Eighth week: Tasks and activities, mentorship spaces
  • Ninth to Thirteenth: Interns will have more responsibility and will be in charge of organizing meetups and events such as hackathons.
  • Rest of the program: Discussing full-time employment and career opportunities as well as a feedback session
  • Week 15: Closing ceremony

Questions and Answers

How is this internship different? What is the added value?

It depends on the personality of the intern; a customized guide will be provided depending on the profile.

At the end of the program, will I receive feedback that will help me on my career path?

Week 14 will feature feedback sessions and career opportunities with partner projects or within the host company.

How much time do I need to commit to the internship?

2-3 hours a day will be necessary 

Is there an age limit?


Does the internship include offline meetings?

No, except for the period when interns will organize local meetups for their communities and at the closing ceremony. Other than that, it’s remote and flexible.

Is the internship covering technical developing skills?

If the intern has a technical background, mentoring sessions will be provided with developers. However, we hope that interns will be curious about other fields in the Web3 space. 

When is the meetup in Podgorica?

Not defined but really soon, if not in June, then in July. The NEAR Balkans hub is committed to building an educated and lively Web3 community in the region through internship programs, hackathons, and many other events to come. 

Stay in the loop!

NEAR Balkans is now on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Updates, event invitations, and much more will be announced on these channels, so hop on to stay in the loop!



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