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NEAR Balkans Hub making great strides in May

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A dynamic month for NEAR Balkans Hub culminates in an international blockchain conference presence and a reinvented summer internship program

NEAR Balkans Hub continues its growth in the region through a range of activities that have scaled its renown to the international scene. The month of May saw numerous meetups, social media activity, a Balkan-native blockchain summit in Split, and a unique summer internship program. 

NEAR Summership Program

May 2022 has seen the launch of a breakthrough Summership program that has redefined and redesigned the perception of an internship program in the Web3 industry. The program supports the ambitious blockchain talents of the region by integrating them into a hands-on Web3 experience that spans 4 months, from the 6th of June to the 18th of September 2022. 

Seven interns, each representing a country from the Balkans region, will go through a NEAR education program, thus earning certifications – in both tech & non-tech disciplines. This knowledge will prepare them for the next phase, which offers concrete experience with a leading Web3 company and mentorship with experts in the industry. 


The international blockchain conference surrounding the future of Web3 and its applications in the region took place in Split, Croatia from the 23rd to the 25th of May 2022. The NEAR foundation and NEAR Balkans Hub were the stars of the show, organizing the biggest NEARby meetup yet, with around 150 people in attendance. The NEAR Balkans team also hosted a dynamic booth that spanned the whole duration of the event. The NEAR community swarmed the conference and was welcomed with plenty of Airdrops, $NEAR tokens, and numerous networking opportunities with NEAR experts and leaders of the Balkans entrepreneurial community.

NEARby Meetups

Besides the record-setting NEARby meetup in Split, the NEAR Balkans Hub caravan continues to travel through the region, journeying from Zagreb to Belgrade in two dynamic community meetups. 

The first meetup was organized in collaboration with ICT Hub in Belgrade on May 12th. Around 30 enthusiastic community members attended the event and actively participated in the discussions about the NEAR ecosystem and its potential impact on the Balkan entrepreneurial scene. 

The second meetup took place at the WESPA Spaces in Zagreb on the 18th of May in the presence of three of the most prominent figures in the Balkans Web3 industry: Luka Sučić, Senior Advisor of NEAR Balkans, who introduced the NEAR protocol and its ecosystem, Sandi Fatić, Founder of a private sharding project on the NEAR protocol, who engaged the community during the fireside chat, and Ida Pandur, General Manager of NEAR Balkans who illustrated the process of applying for numerous NEAR grants, including fast grants up to $50k, bigger grants of $150k and NEAR funding in general.

NEAR Balkans Hub has also been actively engaging with its social media community via blog posts, AMAs, Twitter posts, and Discord events to keep them informed of new opportunities and activities. For instance, The Hub organized a Twitter Space AMA to further explain the Summership program and answer the interested audience’s questions. The AMA was a huge success as many interested Web3 enthusiasts and professionals attended the session, and the recording of the session has already surpassed 100 plays. 

All in all, we would like to say a huge thank you to all of our partners & collaborators involved in making May the month of our biggest positioning and recognition yet: the NEAR Foundation, BlockSplit, Electrocoin, Endemic, Calimero Network, WESPA Spaces Zagreb, ICT Hub Belgrade, and all other guests that supported us on our meetups & gatherings.

Going forward, the NEAR Balkans Hub is preparing for an even more dynamic month to come, filled with opportunities and events targeting the region’s growing and lively community. 


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