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NEAR Balkans Hub: June 2022

NEAR Balkans’ dynamic summer has started!

NEAR Balkans Hub has reached a state of maturity as its community in the region continues to grow and its renown echoes through the local Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. Monthly meetups across the seven countries of the Balkans, guest lectures, and a fiery initiation of the summer internship program are on the front page of June activities. 

The Summership Program Kicks off 

The 10th of June marked the start of the NEAR Balkans Summership program as seven highly talented young interns, each from a different Balkan country, were selected to start a 15-week intensive learn-and-practice program. The interns have first been familiarized with the NEAR Protocol through educational workshops and customized tasks. Throughout July, interns will then be oriented to work and gain experience in several fields such as Web3 development and Web3 marketing.  The team will also get to initiate activities through weeks of collaboration on real-world Web3 projects and guided learning with seasoned mentors from the NEAR Balkans Hub. 

NEARby Meetups

The NEAR Balkans Hub set its sails for Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina in June for three meetups with increasing attendance and participation from the local communities. 

The first meetup was NEAR’s inaugural landing in Skopje, Macedonia, in partnership with Startup Macedonia on June 14th, and saw a warm welcome from the community. Entrepreneurs, developers, and enthusiasts all gathered to discuss the Web3 ecosystem in the region and how the NEAR protocol can play a fundamental role in leading the mass adoption of Web3 in the region. 

The second meetup took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina on June 16th, in collaboration with SaaStock Sarajevo. Around 40 blockchain enthusiasts were introduced to the NEAR ecosystem and actively engaged in lively discussions about the future impact it might have on the Web3 scene in the Balkans. 

The third meetup was held in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina on June 18th, in collaboration with Virtuo & B Office. Enthusiastic community members actively participated in a conversation about NEAR protocol and how they may integrate it in the country’s entrepreneurial scene and facilitate the transition to Web3. 

As a warm welcome, the NEAR Balkans team rewarded all meetup attendees with NEAR while introducing them to the different perks of opening a NEAR Wallet. 

The NEAR Lecture

The NEAR Balkans Hub has recently integrated the academic community of the region, getting closer to students and offering guest lectures on how to integrate the Web3 ecosystem with a certified skillset. As such, the team collaborated with the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia, to introduce the students to Web3 Design through NEAR. More than 30 students were welcomed with NEAR drops and participated in an interactive learning session about Web3 and NFTs with NEAR Balkans Hub General Manager, Ida Pandur, and UI/UX expert Marko Prljić.

The NEAR Balkans Hub will battle through the heat of the summer to further expand its reach in the region with more varied activities aiming to accelerate the mass adoption of Web3 and to help its community smoothly make the transition to the other side.

Stay up-to-date!

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