11. August 2022., 05:12 / Author: Nearian

NEAR Balkans Hub: July 2022

Month in review - featuring Speed dating, University collaborations and lectures and gathering of communities

Near Balkans Hub is trailblazing the Web3 ecosystem

The ride has been blazing with dynamism for NEAR Balkans Hub as we push through heat waves and summer vibes to reshape the Web3 scene in the region. NBH continues to bolster its presence in the Balkans by capitalizing on its community and investing in its growth and sustainability through several initiatives that range from fun giveaways to university lectures. 

So shake that watermelon smoothie with some ice and enjoy the ride as we walk you through a quick summary of our activities during the hellfires of July. 

Speed Dating with a spice

In collaboration with Wespa Spaces in Zagreb, Croatia, NEAR Balkans Hub was present at a business Speed Dating event. The community of founders and innovators was first introduced to the NEAR ecosystem and the opportunities the foundation offers for Web2 and Web3 entrepreneurs through interactive discussions that have seen dynamic participation from the audience. The curtains were then drawn, and the race started as dozens of start-ups took up the challenge of pitching their business idea in one minute. GM Ida Pandur and NEAR Summership Ambassador Juraj expressed their excitement about the industry-disturbing ideas from the Zagreb community and engaged in a networking session to provide valuable insights and discuss collaboration opportunities. 

Get the giveaways rolling! 

The NEAR Balkans Hub team was feeling the generous summer spirit in July and decided to share the vibe with the community through two giveaways and a meme contest. The first giveaway rewarded 50 lucky participants with 50 $NEAR tokens for joining the NBH community on Discord. As the hype grew around the hub’s activities, the team decided to double the prize and offer the giveaway for an additional 100 participants, as well as launch a meme contest on Twitter in a quest to discover the funny and creative side of the community. 

A university on the ride

The NEAR Balkans Hub certification workshop initiative set its sails at Burch university in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, to further accelerate its objective of building a Web3 developer community in the Balkans.

The workshop, NEAR Development 101, included an introduction to the Foundation’s opportunities in the Balkans from our one and only GM Ida Pandur, as well as a guide to NEAR developer certificate through a lecture from an experienced blockchain enthusiast, Ammar Humačkić. The workshop was heavily attended by the University’s IT community, who expressed enthusiasm towards learning about the NEAR developer environment and shared their thoughts on how they can implement to build more innovative projects in the region. All the participants who finished the course received NFT NEAR Dev 101 certifications on their NEAR wallets.

The Summership journey continues

Throughout July, our Web3 connoisseurs introduced the Summership rockstars to a series of industry-related skills, including but not limited to: Event Planning, Marketing, and Social Media in Web3, Life of a Web3 Project, Building the Network and Business Development in Web3, and Community building & tactics. 

The Summership interns continue to show significant growth in their soft and hard skills by adopting the Web3 spirit of flexibility and smart work and collaborating with the industry experts in the team in workshops and real-life tasks. 

Onto Twitter Spaces 

As the market is on a path of stabilization, crypto scammers are on the hunt again. In order to shield our community from falling prey to fraudulent traders, NBH organized a Twitter space on the 26th of July where experts explained the process behind crypto scams and the signals you need to recognize before proceeding to a transaction. Attendees of the Twitter space received cool POAPs as a recognition for their participation and engagement.

The NEAR Balkans Hub is on a relentless journey to change the status quo by crashing through any barriers to entry that may slow the transition to the promised lands of Web3. 

The NBH titanic will also continue cruising through the Balkans with countless meetups and activities, and we count on the support of our community to be at the forefront of these events; stay tuned!

Stay up-to-date!

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