29. September 2022., 17:27 / Author: Nearian

NEAR Balkans Hub integrates five new projects onto the NEAR blockchain

The Round, Dacade, h00kd, Recheck, and DappNode are on the headline of NBH new integrations

Another month for the books as the NEAR Balkans Hub (NBH) successfully facilitated the integration of five unique and exciting projects onto the NEAR network. 

Our collaboration with The Round, Dacade, h00kd, ReCheck, and Dappnode gets us a step closer to achieving our goal of mainstream adoption.

The NEAR Balkans Hub had the pleasure of integrating five amazing products onto the NEAR blockchain. These projects – The Round, Dacade, h00kd, ReCheck, and Dappnode – are developing on the ever-expanding NEAR protocol and enjoying the perks that come with it.

These partnerships allow for the continued expansion of the NEAR protocol and serve as an opportunity to play a part in the development process of high-potential projects. NEAR Balkans Hub serves as the bridge that connects projects in the region to a safe, scalable, and fully decentralized solution. 

From education to entertainment, there’s something for everyone who wishes to find their footing in the Web3 space. 

NEAR Balkans Hub embraces creators by providing the essentials for growth, such as the grant awarded to teams, developers, and innovators in the region. Additionally, these projects are provided with valuable insights, guidance, personnel, and the icing on the cake, the exposure to the vast and diverse NEAR communities across the globe. 

Now, sit back and enjoy the journey as we introduce you to our latest 5 integrations and how they contribute to the Web3 ecosystem.

The Round 

The Round is a Web3 platform that provides live entertainment in Augmented Reality (AR), with unique virtual venues for broadcasting live intimate and multiplayer holographic performances and collecting exclusive NFTs and Meta-merch from your favorite creators.


Next up, Dacade, a Peer-to-peer learning platform built in tandem with the NEAR Balkans Hub team. It’s  consists of online educational courses NEAR Development 101 available in a regional language of your preference. The platform allows you to build amazing projects side-by-side with kindred minds. Here you get to learn, build and earn crypto by using your new skills to build DApps and exchanging feedback from your peers, as well as get the NEAR Dev 101 certificate dropped as an NFT on your NEAR Wallet. Get to connect with other learners and businesses, and build together.


h00kd is a proof of attendance protocol(POAP) NFT that provides a secure and flawless way to reward a community for attending events. It grants you a unique digital scarcity forever embedded on-chain and adds to your overall metaverse experience.


Next on our list is ReCheck, a startup that helps businesses reach their sustainability and profitability goals by providing decentralized solutions. ReCheck helps organizations with data protection, tracing, and verification. Over the past five years, the company has helped various organizations boost the transparency of their processes and data management systems – making them more secure, fraud-proof, and compliant with privacy-by-design and user-centric principles. In addition, ReCheck has developed several existent fully compatible EVM products:

  •  ReCheck SDK: software libraries for recording, sharing, tracing, and signing data on the blockchain.
  •  ReCheck Wallet: non-custodial wallets for complete control over digital assets.
  •  ReCheck Green Box: a platform for collecting data from sensors, securing it on the blockchain, and visualizing it on dashboards.
  •  ReCheck Verifier: decentralized application for direct verification of transactions on blockchain.
  •  My ReCheck: a SaaS solution for protecting sensitive data, private sharing and traceability of interactions with files.


To cap it all up, DAppNode. This is a simple, free and open source software (FOSS) platform for deploying and hosting DApps, P2P clients and blockchain nodes. A censorship-resistant tool built to help bring the decentralized world everyone wants for themselves, their friends, and family.

For the user, DAppNode takes the shape of a platform, hosted in a machine that this person owns, that allows them to deploy Decentralized Apps and Blockchain Nodes in their machine and access them directly via a decentralized protocol without using any centralized gateways or gatekeepers.

NEAR has taken steps to globalize its operations, and the integration of the projects by NEAR Balkans Hub is a massive leap in that mission. NEAR Balkans Hub continues to record significant growth in the region and now, with the addition of five new projects, its community has expanded even further.

NEAR Balkans Hub will help these products as they navigate through the ever-evolving space granting them access to the safest and most scalable ecosystem in the market.

To sum it up, we are excited to continue paving the way for the future of web3. As we continue to move forward and continue to accomplish even more, striving for a fully open web for projects to build on remains top priority. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming launches, partnerships, and even more!

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