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NEAR Balkans Hub: August 2022

Strategic partnerships, meetups, and workshops are on the headline of NBH August highlights

NEAR Balkans Hub ends the summer in style

NEAR Balkans Hub has ended the summer season with a clutch performance in an August ripe with workshops, meetups, collaborations, and integrations. The Balkans community continues to show time and again that it is more than ready to make the region a true Web3 hub by exponentially growing the number of Dapps, developers, and industry experts who are united through open collaboration. 

So get cozy and enjoy the last summer sunrays as we guide you through the important milestones of NEAR Balkans Hub in August.

NEARby Meetups

The NEAR cruiser has made a few trips across the Danube in August, going from Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina, to Belgrade, Serbia. 

The Sarajevo meetup, held on the 23rd of August at CosmoHub, has seen an active and wide presence from Bosnian IT and business sectors to discuss the latest developments of the NEAR ecosystem and the opportunities offered for founders and developers. 

The first day of the event featured a certified NEAR Development 101 workshop with an active participation of 25 tech enthusiasts.

The NEAR team has also seen a warm welcome from the Belgrade community in its meetup on the 2nd of September at the Digital Serbia Initiative. In addition to explaining the ecosystem of the protocol and its advantages to a wide range of audiences, including developers, creators, and founders, NEAR ambassadors from the region have dynamically contributed to the meetup, offering crucial information and needed contacts to community members interested in expanding their presence on NEAR. 

The First Day at Belgrade was equally met with great enthusiasm from more than 50 NEAR development enthusiasts who walked out certified and ready to start building on NEAR.

NEAR X Alice in Blockchains

Since its early inception, NEAR Balkans Hub has pledged to contribute to accelerating the presence and participation of women in the Web3 space and the blockchain scene. 

In collaboration with Alice in Blockchains, NEAR Balkans Hub organized the Alice in NEARLand workshop to educate women on a number of subjects related to blockchain technology as well as introduce them to the NEAR ecosystem. At the end of the session, participants received a NEARDROP giving them access to a NEAR wallet to enable them to go through a shopping experience with NEAR. Community members at the event also received a h00kd proof of attendance protocol as a souvenir reward for their active participation.

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NEAR X The Round

On the 18th of August, NEAR Balkans Hub held a Twitter Space with recent NEAR Grantee The Round to discuss the plans that it holds in store for the NEAR metaverse community. Representatives from The Round explained in greater detail how they would use the funds provided by the grant to streamline their processes and accelerate their potential growth in the Metaverse.

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One of the biggest challenges to mainstream adoption of crypto is the inability of holders to utilize their assets in their daily activities. 

Paycek, a product of NEAR Balkans Hub partner Electrocoin, is a crypto payment gateway that allows holders of $NEAR to seamlessly use their wallets to pay for everything from groceries to hotels and resorts. 

NEAR Balkans Hub organized trips to a couple of offline and online locations followed by social media coverage to showcase how easy it is to transition to crypto payment. 

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Rocking on Twitter

The NEAR Balkans Hub team has been moving from one Twitter space to another, contributing to lively discussions about the state of the Web3 ecosystem. NBH lead ambassador Alema Pelesic was present in the Infobip Shift Twitter space AMA on the topic Building Web3 communities!

Additionally, our dynamic intern Anusa Kovacic participated in the Slovenia Web3 community Twitter Space to talk about the recent developments of the Web3 ecosystem and the role of NEAR Balkans Hub in building a robust blockchain community in the Balkans. 

The Summership in force

The NEAR Balkans Hub interns have had a rollercoaster of a month as their journey nears its end. NFT expert and influencer Josip Vlah led a workshop with the interns to introduce them to the latest developments of the NFT technology and ecosystem, and the opportunities for growth within it. The interns have also engaged in an active four-week mentorship program that allowed them to participate in the organization of NEAR meetups and workshops in Sarajevo and Belgrade, as well as NEARCON and Shift conferences. 

NEAR Balkans Hub has equally expanded its network of strategic partners and integrations inside and outside the Balkans region featuring household names such as The Round and ReCheck as well as novel integrations in the ecosystem that range from educational platform Dacade to POAP-maker h00kd and open-source development platform Dappnode. 

Stay tuned, the NEAR wave is coming your way!

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