14. September 2022., 16:03 / Author: Nearian

NBH X Dacade: A Balkan Native NEAR Development 101 course

The NEAR Balkans Hub collaborates with Dacade to create a certified NEAR development educational course for the Balkans tech community.

The Balkans’ tech community continues to dazzle the world through its innovation and ever-growing talent hub, making it one of the most attractive destinations for head-hunters and recruiters. However, the language barrier and the lack of locally-tailored content sometimes hinder the growth of tech communities and their ability to integrate new ecosystems.

As such, NEAR Balkans Hub, in its mission to continue facilitating the integration of the Balkans tech community into the NEAR ecosystem, partnered up with one of the most active Web3 educational platforms in the region, Dacade, to produce NEAR-certified courses that are available in Croatian, Bulgarian, and English. 

Dacade is a peer-to-peer learning platform that allows community members to learn and get certified in several blockchain protocols such as NEAR, Ethereum, and Celo. Dacade operates through a learn-to-earn model that rewards participants with tokens through an active and social process that permits them to sustainably learn and acquire new skills. 

Dacade has built a certified NEAR Development 101 course that will cover basic NEAR concepts and guide learners through building their own marketplace Dapp on the NEAR protocol. The course is composed of three learning modules, at the end of which participants submit their work on Github for further exposure and credibility. Community members then receive their certificate as an NFT on their NEAR wallets, as well as an opportunity to go for further challenges to hone their NEAR development skills. 

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NEAR Balkans Hub continues to forge strategic partnerships to offer its Balkans community the easiest and most convenient paths towards Web3 adoption as well as provide an incentive for Web2 developers and entrepreneurs to make the leap and transition to the promised lands of the Web3 community.

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