28. October 2022., 16:16 / Author: Nearian

NBH and JoomBoos Bridge Media and NFTs with Web3

NBH partners with JoomBoos on their most recent venture - The Outsiders NFT collection - to connect media and TV to Web3.

NBH marketing manager, Rahela Vrebčević hosted an interactive and educating AMA session with Matej Loncaric, director of video operations for JoomBoos alongside Josip Vlah, our Metaverse and NFT advisor to discuss how JoomBoos’ Youtube series “The Outsiders” impacts the younger generation, their NFT and Web3 plans, and the future of the project with NBH in their corner.  

No demographic is more of an outsider than the GenZ and that makes them unique. It is their unwavering boldness, out-the-box thinking, and tech-savvy nature that allows innovation to always be one step away. 

We’re fortunate to meet a group that epitomizes all the above qualities and more. The JoomBoos team is a Croatian media house that primarily focuses on producing all kinds of content for GenZ, by GenZ, and about GenZ without deserting the older generation of course. 

A bit about The Outsiders 

The Outsiders is an original YouTube series centered around a group of teens as they navigate life, love, and everything in between. JoomBoos and NBH have collaborated to create The Outsiders NFT collection, to help connect their vibrant community to Web3. 

Here’s a snippet of what was said during the AMA session:

Q. For those who might not know, who is JoomBoos, who is it for, and what do you actually do? 

A. JoomBoos is a platform created for generation z. We create and collaborate with influencers in the region to create content like original series and talent shows. We’re active on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and to much surprise, Facebook as well. We started from scratch 7 years ago and now we have more than a million subscribers on YouTube. For those around the world to know, in Croatia there are about 4 million people and about 600,000 of that is our target audience GenZ, So in the country, JoomBoos became very popular with young people in the Balkans area. We also have our web page that’s visited by half a million people daily. It has fun and educational quizzes. We also help people with mental health stuff and worldwide news. 

QYou launched the YouTube series “The Outsiders” in June, tell us more about that. 

A. JoomBoos has always wanted to start an online drama series and being on top of the market in Croatia, we knew it’d be big here but we wanted it to appeal to the global audience. The series started filming last year in Croatia but we have actors from all over the world. We want to reach audiences beyond our region because we feel that it would resonate with a lot of people. 

QNow to Josip, walk us through The Outsider NFT collection and the perks of owning one.

A. The Outsiders is an innovative NFT collection from both the technical and community perspective. A primary focus while building this product was its user friendliness. We made sure to present the UI/UX in an accessible and convenient way for regular users like we do for all NEAR projects. This is one the first collections in the world where users can directly create their NEAR wallet and get the NFT while they create it and enjoy all the benefits of it in the late stages. Since we paired The Outsiders series with the NFT collection we began to see an increase in viewership. Also, Web3 being community-centered helped ease this transition because The Outsiders have built their own communities across the globe. There are several exciting perks. The first is holders enter our special discord group, get cool merchandise and holders will get an opportunity to meet the actors, get influencer pictures, and behind the scenes. 

Q. Do you feel like the media and entertainment are ready for Web3? 

A. Definitely, we see a lot of media and entertainment platforms looking into the Web3 world and in 3-5 years they will have some sort of extension in the space. We might see shows like “Dancing with the Stars” for example hosted in the Metaverse, where viewers can feel present right in the action. 

“We’re very glad that JoomBoos is part of the NEAR tribe, the media is a huge playground for Web3 and with its use cases like NFTs and the Metaverse, the possibilities are endless. The Outsiders community is deeply rooted in interactions, feedback, and two-way conversations on how to improve. This is very synonymous with web3’s ideals and that’s why this works” says NBH marketing manager, Rahela Vrebčević.

You can rewatch the AMA session right here or on LinkedIn and Twitter anytime to get a step-by-step rundown on how to mint The Outsiders NFT. 

NBH continues to facilitate the growth of several regional projects giving them the best opportunity to build from end to end. With JoomBoos, we’re one step closer to achieving global growth adoption. 

P.s. make sure to also claim your Joomboos special edition h00kd NFT as proof of watching the AMA session! It’s super easy – simply join our Discord server, raise a ticket and we drop the h00k directly to your NEAR wallet! 

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