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NEAR Balkans is starting to grow

March 2022: The first month of activities in the region

The first month of activities in the region

March 2022 marked a historical milestone in the network expansion of the NEAR protocol as new regional hubs are popping up all around the world, and the latest one is NEAR Balkans. The NEAR protocol is one of the leaders in the blockchain Web3 industry with one of the fastest-growing ecosystems that is empowering its expanding community to build and utilize numerous industry-disrupting applications.

What is NEAR Balkans?

Aware of the talent-rich atmosphere of the Balkans, NEAR Team dedicated special attention to its community in the region by offering them an arsenal of tools and benefits to start building their projects on the protocol.

NEAR Balkans is a regional hub established to provide the local community with the needed tools to successfully build on the NEAR protocol, to educate themselves about the technology, and to become eligible for grants for their ideas. We are also providing opportunities for the community members to meet each other by organizing NEARby meet-ups in all the region’s major cities. NEAR Balkans will operate and coordinate with the communities in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia.

What are our aims? The aim is to, first of all, educate as many as possible about this revolutionary technology, and encourage them to start thinking about Web3 as the platform for their entrepreneurial activities in the future. It’s not just about NEAR, it’s about the freedom that blockchain technology brings into the sphere of business, NGOs, activism, youth organizations, etc.

NEARby meetups

Three initial meetups were organized to introduce the Balkans regional hub to the local communities, showing immediate interest and showing up in numbers to find out what it’s all about.

NEAR Balkans ambassadors deconstructed the protocol into its ecosystem, and its features and benefits for the different audiences, such as developers, creators, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. Most significantly, the community discussed the NEAR strategy in the region and the major opportunities that it is bringing for the changemakers of the Balkans.

The first meetup was hosted in Belgrade, where it gathered the enthusiastic blockchain community. The meetup resulted in great energy and interest of around 30 Belgrade-based blockchain and crypto enthusiasts, and a meeting of like-minded people that went long into the night, with plenty of beers, stories, ideas, and connections made.

NEARby Belgrade, Serbia

The second meetup of the month took place in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, hosting more than 70 members of the local community who showed great interest in the potential that the protocol brings to the region. Discussing at great length the specifics that make NEAR one of the leading blockchain platforms, the Sofia blockchain community showed they already possess deep knowledge about the Web3 revolution and were eager to start learning more about and building on the NEAR protocol.

NEARby Sofia, Bulgaria

Most recently, NEAR Balkans partnered up with the Junior Chamber International Serbia to organize one of the region’s largest youth entrepreneurship networking events. Blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs gathered in Belgrade to discuss the major shift in the business realm that the Web3 model will bring and how NEAR lays an easy path to make this transition. A number of valuable connections and cooperation opportunities have emerged from this meeting, and we are already planning many more such events in the near future (pun intended).

JCi, Belgrade, Serbia

Most importantly, the meetups served as a networking opportunity for changemakers from within and without the Web3 space to build connections and discuss ideas that may develop into industry-leading projects on NEAR.

Many more meetups and events are planned for the community in the coming period as NEAR Balkans is geared and ready to get you on the Web3 Express.

Stay in the loop!

NEAR Balkans is now on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Updates, event invitations, and much more will be announced on these channels, so hop on to stay in the loop!