18. July 2022., 15:02 / Author: Nearian

Get your $NEAR in the Balkans and abroad

A Balkans-seasoned guideline on where to get $NEAR through cryptocurrency exchanges.

Despite the recent bearish season in the crypto market, the NEAR protocol continues to expand its ecosystem with the constant aim of accommodating a billion community members in the Web3 revolution. NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin has recently unveiled the plan for the future of the protocol. 

The roadmap will be revamped, putting the growth of the ecosystem and the community into focus. Additionally, the organizational structure of the foundation will be streamlined. The new structure will allow the NEAR foundation to further its reach to new communities and achieve its end goal of democratizing the transition to Web3. This approach is likely to up the volume of transactions and the utility of the $NEAR token, which will be used as a medium to execute the protocol’s objectives. 

The demand for $NEAR tokens has been soaring in the Balkans region as both creators and community members are looking for ways to add it to their wallets and utilize it in their projects. 

If you’re in the Balkans and looking to get your hands on some $NEAR, we’ve got a list of local and international exchanges where you can add the $NEAR token to your wallet. 


Kriptomat is a local centralized exchange platform that allows for the seamless trade of more than 350 cryptocurrencies with the industry’s lowest fees. Kriptomat is also fully licensed and regulated by EU laws, thus offering a secure and credible platform for its users. 

Get your $NEAR now on Kriptomat!

Bitcoin Mjenjačnica

Through a user-friendly website offering some of the lowest transaction fees in the region, Bitcoin Mjenjačnica simplifies the crypto-trading experience for its Balkans audience.

Now is the time to trade $NEAR on Bitcoin mjenjačnica!


Boasting a community of more than 6 million users, Bybit is one of the world’s leading and fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges. Bybit allows its community to transact at lightning speed and enjoy low fees. 

Bybit now allows you to buy, trade, and stake $NEAR!


Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, needs no introduction. With a trading volume of $76 billion and 90 million registered users, it is the go-to exchange platform for beginners and seasoned crypto traders. 

Get your $NEAR at Binance now!

These and dozens of other cryptocurrency exchanges have listed $NEAR as community members continue to storm their platforms in pursuit of the token. However, the easiest and most convenient way to get your $NEAR remains through your NEAR wallet

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