14. October 2022., 14:41 / Author: Nearian

From Lisbon to Zadar, The NEAR Balkans Hub team rocked two major events

NEAR Balkans Hub - NEARCON and Infobip shift highlights

The NEAR ship traveled wide across Europe this September, sailing from Lisbon to Zadar for two of the biggest dev and Web3 conferences in 2022, NEARCon and Shift. 

The NEAR Balkans Hub continues to work on its presence throughout the region by building a strong network of partners, providing new opportunities for its growing beehive of enthusiastic community members. 

So hop aboard and enjoy the autumn breeze as we take you on the journey of NBH at NEARCON and Infobip Shift. 


The NEAR Balkans tribe well and truly took over NEARCON from the 10th to the 14th of September as 13 knights from the team traveled to Lisbon to amaze a fiery crowd of more than 2000 attendees. 

With a uniquely designed booth that stood out amid the NEAR storm, the NBH team introduced the hub and its arsenal of projects and activities through interactive videos on a TV screen as they enjoyed a wide variety of Balkan-flavoured drinks and snacks and a great selection of music. NBH equally organized a Twitter challenge that saw the participation of 21 community members and gifted customizable NEAR Tribe shirts for the hive of enthusiasts at the conference.

The NBH team equally used the opportunity to expand its network of partners and collaborators through lively IRL meetings and discussions about the current state of the Web3 ecosystem and the ground that the NEAR protocol offers as well as live interviews with projects such as Recheck and The Round. 

Our General manager Ida Pandur rocked the stage on the second day of the event as she was joined by regional hubs leaders to discuss the impact of the hubs’ strategy on expanding the Web3 community and providing Web2 and Web3 projects with an easy building on the NEAR protocol. 

NEAR Balkans Hub Partner h00kd raised a challenge at NEARCON where one of the selected participants who claimed their h00ks won a one-to-one meeting with the black dragon, co-founder of NEAR Protocol Illia Polosukhin. 

NBH at Infobip Shift

Fueled by the fires of NEARCON, the NBH team set sail to Zadar, Croatia to join one of the largest southeastern Europe dev event, Infobip shift. 

Welcoming a crowd of 3,000 participants, mainly Web2 developers and enthusiasts, NBH set up an educational booth to raise awareness about the Web3 ecosystem and the change that the transition and the opportunities it continuously brings to its community. 

Amazed by the tech talents and enthusiasts of the event, NBH organized a NEAR Development 101 workshop, at the end of which 25 community members received the NEAR certificate and the basics they needed to start building on the protocol. 

NEAR Balkans Hub, along with its partner Shard Labs organized the first-ever Web3 stage talk in the event’s history which saw a packed room of students and developers listen to NEAR Ambassador Jakov Buratović give an interesting talk around the topic of Java Script SDKs. 

And then again, our POAP partner h00kd was one of the stars of the event, gifting more than 330 participants with h00ks for their participation in several activities such as the general event attendance, NEAR booth engagement, Web3 stage attendance, NEAR Dev 101 workshop, and a side-event.

Mutual support was the name of the networking ground at Shift, as the NBH team met and discussed collaborations with its partners on a side event organized with Shard Labs and Aleph Zero near the beautiful seaside in the old town of Zadar.

NBH is on a path to making Web3 mainstream in the Balkans region through the portal of the NEAR protocol and its numerous advantages. Needless to say, NBH could not achieve any of its goals without the support of its thriving community that is always there to tell the world that the Balkans is one of the capitals of Web3 innovation. 

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