01. September 2022., 12:01 / Author: Nearian

DAOs on NEAR: Rewiring industries

From AstroDAO to SputnikDAO, NEAR protocol hosts one of the most active DAO communities in the Web3 ecosystem.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are rapidly emerging as the foundational structure of the job market and organizational skeleton of the Web3 ecosystem. A recent report by Harvard Business Review emphasizes the ability of DAOs to rewire and redefine every aspect of our work environment, from the compensation to the decision-making power of contributors. Essentially, DAOs change the top-down hierarchical structure of Web2 projects that gives more authority and compensation to the top of the pyramid into a flat organizational structure in which all contributors run the decision-making process of the project. 

The NEAR protocol is home to one of the most dynamic DAO ecosystems in the Web3 industry, with more than 50 active DAOs. So put on some cool music and join us on the NEAR brain train as we guide you through the most prominent DAOs in the NEAR ecosystem. 


The main objective behind which the NEAR protocol was conceived is to drive Web3 to mass adoption. This goal is not fulfilled by making Web3 the nerds bar but by adapting the concepts behind it to make it both useful and user-friendly for the general public. 

SputnikDAO is custom-crafted to make DAOs mainstream by allowing communities of all walks of life to be represented on-chain, to control their governance in a decentralized way, and to connect with other DAOs. 

Additionally, SputnikDAO allows individuals to connect with guilds and earn NEAR tokens through DAO proposals.


In Layman’s terms, SwaggerDAO is the home of Web3 fashion, or phygital fashion, on the NEAR protocol. The DAO’s main service revolves around bridging the physical fashion industry to the metaverse by covering the ideation and production of sustainable garments as well as creating NFTs to be sent to the buyer’s wallet upon purchase. 


AstroDao is a DAO creation platform that allows community members to launch their DAOs in less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

AstroDao is approaching a major milestone that will result in the widespread adoption of DAOs and the application of their value in everything from social activities to a wide range of business industries.

DAOs are on the brink of a reconception of work and organization as we know them, and NEAR protocol is building towards being of the leading players in implementing the DAO revolution into its projects with an exponential increase in grants opportunities, acceleration, and technical support to foster an encouraging environment for DAO creation. 

Explore NEAR’s hottest DAO projects and become the next contributor to a web of changemakers!

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